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Thoughts of meaning   ''''If anyone wou;d like to share something  ""OF Importance and  MEANING" to you;   and that agrees with  Scripture,   minus the ''Tradition'', send the THOUGHTS  along to us via our ''Email""---we will gladly print them with your written permission, date and time sent

    """The Almighty Father Creator gives us so much.             This Thought coming through the Holy Spirit -This very early Morning, as I was sitting on my front porch observing the Early Dawn approaching______THE ALMIGHTY knew us before we ever came into ''Being", --HE knew what our struggle and life battles would be---so;     He Gave us a NEW Dawn  EACH Day; so that we would not have to be "Bound' BY the darkness of the ''previous Day",  but rather Each Day is a new Dawn.  We need to learn to accept His Gifts of Love, as well as  His Word. Those Gifts are all around us; magnificently proving HIS existance and Reality.   Our valuable Lessons in this Life come through our Daily Experiences              

Editor - 06/12/2022  4:50 AM

 (G-d)     YAH  of Israel is as the light of the morning, the sun riseth, a morning without clouds; from the brightness, from the rain, there is a growth from the earth'' (2 Sam. 23:4